Learning Ukrainian Language

Learning Ukrainian language is not that hard as you can think. It is very similar to other Slavic languages and you can expect to understand Russian language to some degree as well. I reviewed some of the most useful Ukrainian language learning books to help you.

Ukrainian Phrasebook

If you are travelling to an Ukrainian city or want to know about the basic but essential Ukrainian words and phrases, buy this book. It is a very practical book, you can need these phrases in your social travel to Ukraine. Besides, the book teaches you how to read the actual cyrillic alphabet & basic grammar rules. All phrases are accompanied with English equal pronounciations. As I stated before, this is a fast phrasebook to start with Ukrainian language. Sold very cheap at Amazon.

Pimsleur Comprehensive Ukrainian Language System

If you want a serious Ukrainian language learning set, go for Pimsleur. It is the best & most comprehensive Ukrainian language learning system applied by many schools. It uses the natural human learning processes of anticipation and memory calling. Dr. Pimsleur method is very effective and aims to teach the language naturally as if you are an Ukrainian. I should admit that it is an expensive product. Buy this, if you are really motivated to learn this language comprehensively.

Teach Yourself Ukrainian Complete Course Package with a book & two cds

Finally, this is also a good choice with balanced price & quality factors. It can provide you up to intermediate level of Ukrainian language if you study the book and cds together efficiently.

I hope, you liked my review of some of helpful Ukrainian language books & methods. As a general rule, the more speak Ukrainian words and phrases in your daily life, the faster you will grab this beautiful language.

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